Here I Am

I’m here on WordPress apparently, giving this blog writing thing a go.  A new hobby, perhaps or a way to put out all the ideas, rants, raves, chaotic family life adventures, solo adventures and figuring out a way to navigate through this life of mine… 597f080612dc2df4f2fcdae8f4b6dc43 I hope I’m not alone out there as a forty something year old women with kids, step kids, dogs, fish and a husband who continuously add “joy, adventure, tears and love” to constantly stir up life and have no idea how to handle “EVERYTHING” thrown at us…  So that’s what this blog adventure of mine is going to be… the pursuit of EVERYTHING.

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Crazy and Chaotic

A day like any other day… right? It’s Sunday in  July.  Sun is shining, sky is blue, house is well if not spotless, semi cleaned and de-cluttered.  A rare quiet day with no one at home. Sooo….. I’m going to give this blog/website thing a try and see what I can come up with.  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the house of chaos as I like to think of  the home I live and share with my family…  Blended… I think that is the word or maybe its a step family or maybe we are just a bunch of people who found our way together, some blood related some related just by circumstances.  6 people 2 dogs and tank of fish and a random guest in our basement through the airbnb we run out of our home. The oldest moving back home after being away for 2 years, solo camping adventure, the whole gang family vacation, backyard landscape messes, crafts that seem to get started but never completed and just general everyday life lessons. 20170527_110256

Above pic on a journey to Ouray, Colorado in early June, 2017

That is just a mere introduction to the crazy chaos that adds a bit of adventure to my life on a regular basis.

Dance mom, step-mom, soccer mom, Mom-Mom, wife, ex-wife, counselor, waitress and dog mom…. that about sums up my day to day roles in this world…  am I forgetting anything?  Probably, but I am sure it will all come out through various posts, pictures, rants and reviews of my crazy, chaotic and I should be committed life I plan to share with you.20170629_113244

As you can see, I have no problems getting down and dirty to accomplish what needs done!!


I hope to reach out and touch who ever finds themselves feeling at a loss of what to do next, wondering what is your path, role or plan in life. If you find yourself wondering if you are alone in a crazy, chaotic moment or moments in life and feel like if you were to speak the thoughts our loud, but don’t because you don’t want to be committed then this is the site for you. Lets learn, laugh, cry and ride the crazy waves, mountains and roller coasters of life together!